There Are Roots Below

by Auld Lang Syne

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Auld Lang Syne's follow up to 'Midnight Folly'. Initially recorded in 2010 and then completed in 2014 after the bands hiatus. Among others it Includes classic ALS gems such has the haunting 'Builder' and the epic 'Ballad of Two Loves'. Jonathan Miller is back with two evocative and powerful songs. Also Kathy Dick makes her debut on an ALS album with the alluring and mysterious 'Black Dog.'


released 21 March 2014



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Track Name: Black Dog
don't run for you cannot hide
stop trying to shut it up inside
that old black dog has come
to startle your slow stunned heart
I tried to intoxicate
I tried to give it church
that old black dog is coming round
to startle your slow stunned heart
the thorns the thorns that tangle on the vine
your memory dangles on all sweetness I exhale
and the leaves fall to the ground again
I've run for a long time
and still cannot leave it all behind
the high tide has come to startle your low tide heart
the wax the wax that coats the tangled vine
your memory burn in all the poison it exudes
and the earth pulls the moon, and the moon pulls my heart
Track Name: Builder
I've got nothing in my hands
there cracked and empty but I got a seed in my heart
and if strength in this world
its in the cracks and emptys that its going to start
i'll take the soils of the fields
and the rivers that run through, the dark veins that run free
i'm building something, you'll see
I see trouble on the way
the sky throbs with sadness I see the soil is taut
the rivers moving strong
ghosts of chaff unlocking, I see the birth, I see the rot
and i'll turn the rich soil
with a steady loving plow and i'll harness the sea
i'm building something, you'll see
I've lost some things I've fiercly regret along the inconsolable road
things I thought in stone were set the people I've loved the places I've known
they're a part of me but there faces have flown
with their memory i'm left here alone
last night the lines went down
the wind whirred and whispered in the moonlit cold
so we lit a candle up
and watched the shadows romp madly neath a murder of crows
if they're trying to tell me something
then I don't want to know, its about you, its about me
i'm building something, you'll see