Auld Lang Syne songs

by Auld Lang Syne

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auld lang syne songs that didn't fit on full length albums.


released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Auld Lang Syne Rochester, New York

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Auld Lang Syne has built a reputation for crafting lyrically incisive songs, firmly rooted in the earth, yet backed by arrangements which are utterly transcendent. Timothy and Kathy Dick sing their hymns to impermanence and heartfelt pleas for authenticity while soaring instrumentation and intricate vocal harmonies weave and dart like a confluence of sparrows. ... more

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Track Name: Dust Dolls
let's sing for this night, let's sing for the dawn!
Track Name: Maryann
i love you Maryann
i'll never see your face again
the autumn rain falls cold and sad
children laugh on all the fun we ever had, Maryann

you'll wear the river for your scarf
the autumn rain will be your cloak
the angels taught you that
remember not the ill we done
but the good that we dreamed
September ran so bright, and sad

i love you Maryann
your face blooms within me still
the wind blew and the river damned
we laughed until the tears ran down, Maryann

you staunched my wounds with your black hair
chastely crept neath' me in the dark night
we lay as one in another's arms
and now your sail waves and gleams
cross the damned and wanton screams
and you open your mouth to cry
Live, Die

I love you Maryann
the evening sun is sinking fast
our goodbye was a blue ocean's rise
and the wind lifts it softly to the skies
Track Name: North Carolina
North Carolina you've branded me for the mud and the gold
just before the sun had set you unwound the wires and beared it full
your like a boy whose prayers forgot too dirty and tired
all day in the sun the grasping of the sun his limp dust caked hands
i don't get to stay long i don't get to stay long
you sipped away in the dark just before the thin light of dawn
i woke up like my dreams were the dance of the dead
and it takes so long but i'm coming climb that hill touch that tree
speck of a generation in a speck of the age
new trenches dug in the furrows of old and i scatter the seed in the cold
patient and weary our steps turn to ash our words turn like smoke
lifted in the new shame of glory brought down by the old glories of shame
bartender you've surely seen a lot like me
a second had generation afraid to run into the one
who walked in its ragged clothes before it had come
battles outside me battles inside me
and it takes so long but i'm coming
climtb that hill touch that tree
you caught me redhanded and i caught you blind we're eternally bound
your eyes of cappricorn and my earth bound feet we dolefully climb
your arms wrapped around me like tender wounds
i flew so high i'm like a leaf scattered in the wind
i never thought i could fly
North Carolina you've branded me for the mud and the gold
just before the sun had set you unwound the wires and beared it full
i don't get to stay long with you go back to the snows of NY
just before we get back behind that wheel and drive it takes so long but i'll ride
lets race to that hill touch that tree